• Age 38
  • Location Seattle
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  • Jermaine Garland #814528 GA 32 U Coyote Ridge Correctional Complex P.O Box 769 Connell, WA. 99326

Jermaine Garland

Hello.. I am Jermaine Garland.  What’s up ladies, my name is Jermaine Marcell Garland. I’m born and raised in the beautiful Evergreen State of Washington (Seattle) I am 38 years old, a machiatto comlected creole’. I have no kids.I am currently incarcerated at crcc,and my ERD is around Christmas time. However, I am looking for perfect kind of gift. The kind of gift I am looking for is good-hearted , caring woman. Who is beautiful on the inside. Somebody with integrity. Who displays an intellectual open mind.  Additionally, I am looking to surround myself with someone who is willing to change with me.
I have three main hobbies: My first one is reading because I enjoy learning from many different genre’s to continue to expand my knowledge.

For instance, my second one is writing because I enjoy jotting down memoirs of my day and the philosophies that surround me.Additionally, what puts me in balance with my hobbies is playing a multitude of sports to keep my mind body and soul keen.

You can find my profile of Facebook HERE

You can check my photos gallery in HERE     With everything expressed above I hope to find that special someone to build a foundation. However, with concrete qualities to prosper in the greatest thing…life.   You can contact me at:    Jermaine Garland #814528 , GA 32 U’,Coyote Ridge Correctional Complex, P.O Box 769,Connell, WA. 99326


Contact Model

Hello.. You can write me to this address :) Jermaine Garland #814528 GA 32 U Coyote Ridge Correctional Complex P.O Box 769 Connell, WA. 99326. Please be aware that you should NOT send any money nor stamps in any form for security reasons,and the letter must have a returning address and address directly to the inmate

Hi..You can reach me in Jpay.com for Email purpose and set a free account there , so you can send it Today! Go to Jpay.com and then select the state of Washington and enter inmate ID#814528. Select: Jermanine Garland/ Agency: Washington Department of Corrections