• Age 31
  • Eyes Blue
  • Height 5 9"
  • Weight 145
  • Hair Red
  • Allison Mahony 7
  • Allison Mahony 8
  • Allison Mahony 2
  • Allison Mahony 6
  • Allison Mahony DOC# 407146 -Washington Corrections Center for Women 9601 Bujacich Rd NW Gig Harbor WA, 98332

Allison Mahony

My name is Allison Mahony (DOC: 407146), I am 31 with red hair and blue eyes, I am 5’9 and 145lbs. I am very down to earth and have a loveable as well as likeable personality. I am easy to get along with and I love to make people laugh and smile. What I would really like to accomplish once I am out is to work with inner-city kids and help them accomplish what they really want in life and prove to them that they are better than they really think that they are and do so much if they just put their minds and hearts into it.

Check my profile of Facebook HERE Please check my photos gallery HERE  And you can email me HERE more photos HERE 

I love Country music (what can I say I am a country girl at heart :-). I am looking for a man who is also easy to get along. What I find most attractive is a man that has the dirty rugged look. With either short slicked back hair or long that’s tatted and sleeved up.

I also like him to be at least 6’0 and 200-250lbs and between 40-55. I also want a man who isn’t afraid to tell me anything and everything and expresses what he wants in life and what he is looking for.


I am being 110% honest when I say that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to talking to me because I am not one to judge. We’ve all had mishaps in life and whatever yours are I will listen instead of judge. I also want a man that I can talk to . And I don’t have keep my guard up all the time. Well I look forward to hearing from you gentlemen. So don’t be shy and hit me up, I promise you will not be disappointed!!      XoXo-          Allie

Contact Model

Hi there. 😉You can write me at Allison Mahony DOC# 407146 -Washington Corrections Center for Women 9601 Bujacich Rd NW Gig Harbor WA, 98332 ./ Please be aware that you should NOT send any money nor stamps in any form for security reasons ,and the letter must have a returning address and address directly to the inmate

Hi.. 😉) You can reach me in Jpay.com for Email purpose and set a free account there , so you can send it Today! Go to Jpay.com and then select the state of Washington and enter inmateAllison Mahony /DOC# 407146- Agency: Washington State Department.